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We are reading through this devotional right now:

You can get it for the Kindle (which is what we use): Case for Christ for Kids 90-Day Devotional

Or in PaperBack: Case for Christ for Kids 90-Day Devotional (Case For… Kids)

Last week, we read a chapter than likened Christianity to getting into a pool of cold water. Some people dip their toe in to test the waters. Some start at the shallow end and work their way to the deep. Some people go whole hog and do a cannonball right into the deep end.

It got me thinking. What do I want for my kids? The truth is, I don’t want them to have a second rate faith. I don’t want their relationships to Jesus to be ho hum or back burner or non existent. I don’t want them to be luke warm. But then I realized… my faith is second rate. My faith is ho hum. My faith is back burner and luke warm at times.

How am I to challenge them to see the depth of the love of Christ and the unending grace He offers if I can’t even see it. How to I model this Christ to them that I want them to have when I don’t have that kind of faith. It challenges me to think that I am one of my childrens’ first exposures to Jesus. Who do they know him to be by my actions. Do they know grace and forgiveness? Am I teaching them to be little pharisees… to outwardly follow rules with no depth or grace or heart? Do they see love or anger from me? Grace or Legalism?

What a burden I could turn this into if I didn’t believe that God is so much bigger than me. I have to trust that He placed these children into mine and my husband’s keeping. That he is shaping and molding them according to his great wisdom. But still… I wonder.

I have been challenged to go to my knees in prayer for these precious little ones. I posted THIS PRAYER GUIDE a while ago. I think it’s time to print it out and put it into action!

I’ve also been reading this book:

It’s helping me. I struggle with the balance between justice and grace. This book is helping me to know how to help my children experience God’s grace. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home. Neither did my husband. We are navigating these waters together and learning so much as we go.



Second Rate Faith

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