easter treats

Easter is just around the corner. I always let it slip up on me. We spend so much time preparing for Christmas… but for some reason, I always let Easter slip past me! I’m going to try to be more intentional this year.

BUT before I get to the intentional part…how about a fun Treats round up!

Disclaimer: There is nothing educational or healthy about this post.

Marshmallow Easter Pops

Easter Marshmallow Bark

Easter Carrots using Cheet- Ohs

Peep Smores

Eggs and Bacon Bunny

Easter Bunny Pretzels

Rice Krispy Treat Eggs

Bunny Bait Snack Mix

Fruit and Nut Bunny

Peep Fruit Kabobs

What are YOUR favorite Easter treats? Comment below and let me know!


Easter Treats Round Up

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