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We are basically done for the school year. Big Brother is taking an HTML class online and Big Sis has a few loose ends to finish up on her American Girl Study.

I don’t want to just quit school cold turkey, so I’ve been coming up with ideas to keep something up during the summer. We aren’t super structured as it is so I am not looking for anything too detailed.

Today, I spent some time cleaning out our school shelf, filing away work and putting together some busy bags for our collection. Baby Girl will be  close to 3 when we start up again in the fall and I know she’ll want to be right in the thick of things!!!

I want to focus today on Summer Homeschool, Preschool version!

busy bag

I have had a stack of papers waiting to be laminated! I took some time today and used my handy dandy Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator to get the job done. I was mostly laminating items to turn into busy bags.

busy bag 2

Little Sis (who will be 5 this summer) really likes having some freedom to pick her activities (I guess kind of like free choice center time in a classroom setting). I have a rubber maid tub where I keep all of my busy bags. I get out about 5 or 6 activities at a time to put in her workboxes. When it seems she is losing interest or I want her to work on a specific skill, I’ll rotate the bags. I also have some that are more toddler centered activities for Baby Girl.

Here is a list of the materials that I was using today to put together busy bags:

Preschool Busy Bag Printable Pack ($5 on Teachers Pay Teachers)

{FREE} Super Hero Letter Match from B-Inspired Mama

Learning with Paint Swatches from Mama to 5 Blessings

Sticker Matching Activity from Feels Like Home

Little Sis will be in kindergarten in the fall. I do not run a structured kindergarten. I will do my best to assess where she is in terms of readiness when the time comes, but for now, I just want to make sure that I provide the opportunities for her to build a love of learning.

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Do you homeschool preschoolers? What are your favorite activities? Comment below and let me know!

Summer Homeschool Prep- Preschool

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