Summer Prep 2

Our year has slowly trickled to an end. I had hoped that we would finish strong and have an actual last day that we could celebrate, but as we are preparing this morning to head out to swim and hike, I think that we have just slid on into summer.

I definitely want to keep up some kind of learning through the summer so I’ve decided to put together summer journals for Big Brother and Big Sister.  The journals will include a writing section and a math section.

Cover ImageI put together this FREE journal pack last week. It has 13 blank papers and an About Me section. I’ll print off a set for both of my older kids. I might do one for little sis, but I haven’t decided yet.

For the math sections, I will use some of the GREAT FREE resources found online!!!

Little Sis is working on Addition and Subtraction. I will print these out for her journal:

Domino Addition Worksheets – FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers

Dog Color By Addition Fact– FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers

Find the Missing Addend from First Grade Fantabulous

LOTS of Addition Worksheets on Worksheet Fun

For Big Brother, who is working on Multiplication:

LOTS of Multiplication Worksheets from WorkSheet Fun

Multiplication Worksheets on (NOTE- You only get a few FREE downloads per day on this site so use them wisely… I think it’s 5, but I can’t remember)

They BOTH need to work on their money counting knowledge… so I’ll throw in these Money Counting Sheets from Mama’s Learning Corner.

I also have these TIMED TESTS that I put together recently (Multiplication and Addition available in different themes)

We won’t do our journals every day… probably more like two or three times a week. These will be for those days when we are at home or it’s rainy outside, etc. I’m planning on being outside as much as possible this summer… hiking, swimming in the river, swimming with friends, playing at the park. We live in Western North Carolina. It is an amazingly beautiful place to live.

Do you homeschool through the summer? How do you keep your students’ minds sharp in your off months? Comment Below and let me know!

Be sure to check out my Summer Homeschool Prep- Preschool for some ideas for the younger set!


Summer Homeschool Prep- Elementary

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