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I just love these books more and more as we read on through them. I am a little sad that we are coming a to a close of our homeschool year and our study of American History with American Girl. We were very slow and steady with our reading and only made it to Kirsten, the girl who lives on the Prairie (she’ll be the next and final post in this series).

I must say, I was not ready for what an emotional roller coaster the Addy books are. The first book is very intense as it sheds light on life as a slave on a plantation in North Carolina. Very quickly, things get rough and real! I kept asking Big Sis if she was okay as we read them. She assured me she was, but I am not so sure that I was!!! We read as Addy’s parents are planning their escape to freedom. The book takes place during the Civil War. Before the family can escape, Addy’s brother and father are sold and the family is separated.

For our study of Addy, I printed out the lapbook pieces from Homeschool Share. The templates for each of the American Girls are basically the same. So, at this point, Big Sis knows what to expect.

addy 2As she completes the lapbook pieces, we add them to her big American Girl notebook.

addy 1We put Addy’s picture in North Carolina. Although, in the books she eventually makes her way to Pennsylvania.

As we read through these books, we talked a lot about the underground railroad. We talked about how the slaves making their way to freedom would have relied on the stars to find their way.

Addy 3

I picked up this Speedy Stars and Constellations Lapbook from A Journey Through Learning. It was only $1.00 and introduced constellations, star facts, where we see stars in the Bible and more.

We also did this little My Place in Space activity:

Addy 4Addy 5

You can print the template for yourself: Click to download ——->>> My Place in Space Printable Pack

A friend of ours loaned us this book:


The American Girls Party Book: You’re Invited! (American Girl Collection)
It is filled with wonderful ideas of games, crafts and foods that go along with ALL the girls we’ve read about so far. I wish we had it all along. Big Sis has poured over it numerous times, reading recipes and making lists. She even made her own bean doll just like the one Addy’s mom made for her. I sewed a little for her with my machine, but she did most of it by herself!

Addy 6

One thing I really like about the American Girl Historical books is the “Peek Into the Past” that is in the back of all of them. We learn so much about what life is like during the different periods of history.

One more thing we did, after reading the peek into the past was watch some videos about Uncle Remus and Br’er Rabbit. These stories were very important to the slaves during Addy’s day.

Br’er Rabbit Runs Away

Song of the South Zip A De Doo Dah

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American History with American Girl- Addy with FREE Printable

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