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We used to have a Kindle Fire. It was first generation and fizzled after a couple of years. We had built up quite a collection of apps through the Amazon App Store. I was disappointed when we lost the Kindle.

However! I found out we could still access our apps by downloading the Amazon App store on our Android devices and setting those devices to allow apps from other sources than the Google Play Store. So, now we have our apps and can still access the Amazon App Store for three FREE app of the day and more.

Amazon has started this coin thing with apps and music. You can earn coins (which you can in turn use to pay for apps) when you purchase certain apps. It’s like they are giving you money back when you purchase an app.

1 coin = 1 penny. When you get 99 coins, you can buy a $.99 app, etc.

Here are my top ten favorite apps with the coin rewards. These are paid apps, but totally worth the money, in my opinion (and you get rewarded with coins when you buy them!!!).

Stack the States ($.99 and earn 30 coins)

Caillou Let’s Pretend ($.99 and earn 30 coins)

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel ($1.99 and earn 60 coins)

Dr. Panda’s Handyman ($1.99 and earn 60 coins)

My kids love Dr. Panda!

Dinosaur Train Mesozoic Math Adventures ($.99 and earn 30 coins)

SkyMap – Google Sky Map for Kindle Fire ($1.99 and earn 60 coins)

This app is really cool for exploring the night sky!

Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD ($1.99 and earn 60 coins)

Stack the Countries ($1.99 and earn 60 coins)

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish – Dr. Seuss ($3.99 and earn 120 coins)

My kids really enjoy the read to me Dr. Seuss books!

Kids Measurement Science – Length, Weight, Time and Money games ($1.99 and earn 60 coins)

Remember: 1 coin = 1 penny. So when you get 99 coins, you can buy a $.99 app!

What are your favorite apps? For homeschool? For Fun?

Get Rewarded When you Buy Apps on Amazon

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