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Little Sis is turning five this summer. I am looking forward to her joining us for more school in the fall. She is so bright and eager to learn. I am still trying to figure out exactly what I will be using with her in terms of curriculum. I will probably end up piecing things together here and there.

I put together these fun sight word printable packs that would be great for kindergarteners.

The packs come with either a princess theme or a lego theme. Each pack contains the same material:

Sight Word Find

Sight Word Unscramble

Sight Word Writing Practice (2 pages)

Sight Word Matching

Be sure to click on the link BELOW the image for the pack of your choice!

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Click here for Printable Pack ——–>>> Princess Sight Word Printable Pack

Blog Pic LegoClick Here for Printable Pack —->>> Lego Themed Sight Word Printable Pack

Clip Art was designed by me and can be found HERE.

{FREE} Lego or Princess Sight Word Printable Packs

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