I am trying to be thankful! I am trying to be content. I am trying to not compare. I thought I was okay with not spending money on curriculum this year. We were happy with Easy Peasy last year and plan to use it again.

But I keep seeing some really fun, amazing even, resources… and wouldn’t you know, they all cost money!!!

A girl can dream, right? Here is my Homeschool Wish List 2014 (contains affiliate links):

1. Fellowes Star Plus 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine (5006501)

I have absolutely NO NEED for this contraption. I am just an office supply junkie and really think it would be fun to make and bind books!!! (you feel me, right???)

2.Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

 Little Sis will be 5 in August. She knows her letters and sounds. I used My Father’s World First Grade with the older two, but they have updated their curriculum (for the better,  I might add) and I am just not wanting to buy a whole new set. Anyone have any opinions, good or bad, about this book????

3. Apologia- Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

Science is definitely an area in which I am lacking. We really enjoyed using Apologia a couple of years ago when Big Brother was super interested in ocean animals.  The Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics is a K-6 curriculum.

4. Lego Education Story Starter Core Set

Last year, we invested in the Lego Education Simple and Motorized Mechanisms set. I was very pleased with the quality and options presented. If we are going to be investing the big bucks in Legos, I would much rather get a set from Lego Education than the themed character sets.

5. Lego Education Story Starter Curriculum

One thing that we did not invest in (that I regret) was the curriculum and software that went with our Lego Education set. I think we could have done so much more educationally with it had we bought it. This is the curriculum and software that goes with the story starter set listed above.

6. 48 Soft Drawing Chalk Pastels in Brilliant Assorted Colors



I have some free books that I picked up on teaching with chalk pastels. I’d love to have a good set and actually do some purposeful art with my kids this year!

7. Books on CDs. My kids have discovered a love for listening to books on CDs. Big Sis was in tears last night because I told her we had to return Little House on the Prairie to the library! I’m looking for quality literature like the prairie books, the Narnia chronicles, etc. I’d also love The Adventure Begins: The Early Classics (Adventures in Odyssey Golden Audio Series No. 1)  other Adventure in Odyssey Stories.

8.My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

Again, I am lacking in the science department, but my kids LOVE it. We checked out a microscope from our homeschool lending library. It wasn’t working. The kids were heartbroken!

9.NIV Homeschool Mom’s Bible: Daily Personal Encouragement

10. Essential Oils!!! I am seriously obsessed with oils right now. I know it is a craze and everyone is jumping on. I have been using some samples and seen the benefits for our family already. We were so sick the past two winters with EVERYTHING you can think of… croup, stomach bug, colds, flu and more. I am at the end of my rope trying to figure out how to care for our family. I would love to be able to invest in something like Arbonne or Juice Plus… truly I would. But again, the money. Oils cost money too… but not quite as much. Have oils? Want to send me a sample???

What about you? What’s on Your Homeschool Wish List?!?!

My Homeschool Wish List 2014

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