Last year, you may remember, we scrapped all our plans for the homeschool year and started with a blank slate. I asked the children what they wanted to learn about. Big Brother said, “you know… how stuff works.” He narrowed his focus to machines. What better way for my Lego loving boy to learn about machines that with the Lego Education Simple and Motorized Mechanisms Set (it seems to have been renamed to the Simple and Powered Machines Set).

I’m not sure who was more excited when the set arrived at our home- Big Brother or me!

I had originally planned for this set to be a “school only” set and to not let it get into the general chaos of Lego’s that is Big Brother’s room. This went well for a while. Big Brother would go into my room and work on the special set. He is nine. He is really bright. This set is geared for middle schoolers. I did have to help him with some elements, but over all, he was able to handle most of it on his own. I promised him that at the end of the school year, he could have full reign of the set. He just recently moved it into his room and has been working away!

I regret that we were not able to afford the software that is available to enhance the experience of the set. I feel as the teacher, I would have been able to teach so much more with guidance. Big Brother didn’t seem to mind. He learns a lot through trial and error. Every now and then I get an email from Lego Education with a free lesson plan for the set.

While the set is geared for middle schoolers, Big Brother was able to learn so much with this set. He was able to experiment with sizes of wheels and how they effect speed. We learned about friction and how gears work together. He likes to break it all down and explain to me why something is moving the way it is. This is a perfect set for my logical, problem solving boy.

lego education 4

Big Brother loves to put Lego Sets together. He really enjoys taking them apart and following the directions to put them back together. However, after a couple of times of putting them together, he generally veers off in his own direction and builds his own creations. It did not take long for him to do just that with this Lego Education Set.


lego education

Here is one of the creations that comes in the set. We had a video, but it was too long to post. He really had fun making this go up and down the hall. This is one of the ones he needed a little guidance with.

Lego Education 3

We really like making things that spin around here. We like to put stuff on top of the propellers to see how high we can shoot them in the air.

lego education 2

The motorized part of this set has definitely been Big Brother’s favorite! He loves making things move and that he can switch directions (as demonstrated in the video below).

You can click on over the LEGO EDUCATION site to read more specifics on this particular set as well as see the other great things that are offered. We are only scratching the surface here of all the wonderful things that Lego Education has to offer. I have my wishlist of things that I would love to have in our homeschool.

I would much rather invest money in a set from Lego Education than some of the other Themed sets that Lego has to offer. We have plenty of Lego Star Wars, Lego City, Lego Friends and more. I am not complaining. I just like Lego Education more! I think it takes the open ended play to a whole new level.

I am hoping to be able to get the Story Starter Core Set and Software for our next set.

This post contains my opinions based on our experience with this particular set from Lego Education. I was not paid or given anything in return for this post.

Lego Education Simple and Motorized Mechanisms Review

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