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When our oldest was two, he had a set of bath tub crayons. He loved them. He would draw on the walls of the tub every night. One night, a crayon slipped down the drain. Honestly, I don’t even remember if our son knew about it. I’m not sure he realized what was happening. What I do remember is how my husband stayed up and worked hard to retrieve that crayon. He knew that the boy loved those crayons and was determined to rescue it from the drain. He rigged a wire coat hanger and dug through the muck that was in the drain and quite some time later, the crayon was brought back to safety. Will our son ever know about that experience (unless we tell him)? No… probably not.

The other day, I realized that Little Sis was coming out of the bathroom with her Leapster in hand. I had a vague realization I had heard her and Big Brother talking about making videos of legos in the sink. I mumbled something about not letting the Leapster get wet. Apparently, I was too late. She told me it was a little wet… but what she meant was she had dropped it in the sink.


I could have let her learn a lesson. I could have fussed at her and shamed her for dropping her Leapster. I could have, but in that moment, I decided to choose compassion. I threw the Leapster in rice, hoping that would solve the problem. It did not. I texted my brother who is techy and asked him what to do. He said a lot of big words that essentially meant… take it apart and then put all the parts in rice, dry the really wet parts with a hair dryer, soak some important part in rubbing alcohol. Was this toy that we bought used on ebay worth it? No… probably not… but Little Sis is worth it. She is worth the time I took in pulling out tiny screws and placing them in a bowl so I wouldn’t lose them. She is worth the pictures I took to remember how to put it all back together. She is worth the hair dryer and the rice and all the rest. She is worth so. much. more.

It made me think of Luke 11:11. If we, as sinners, are willing to give our children good gifts, how much more is the Father in heaven willing to give us the Holy Spirit… give us himself… give us every good gift!


This is Love

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