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I have posted many times about how we use Busy Bags in our homeschool. You can find the posts HERE. Most of the ideas for our busy bags come from Pinterest!

Here are TEN busy bag boards that are totally worth the follow!

Pinterest- Busy Bags (Curious Minds Busy Bags)

Busy Bags (Julia Raymond)

Keeping Preschoolers Busy (All About Learning)

Kids- Quiet Books and Busy Bags (Heather S)

Activity Boxes, Bags and Trays (Deborah @ Teach Preschool)

Quiet Books (Imagine Our Life)

Quiet Books (Toady Joe)

Shh! Busy Bags… (Heather of allthingskaty)

Busy Bag Ideas (Lauren Hill)

Busy Bags (Carrie Rice)

Be sure to follow me too!!!! Homeschool- Busy Bags

Do you have a Busy Bag board??? Comment below and let me know. OR, because I am not receiving all my comments for some reason, feel free to email me (weelittlemonkeys@gmail.c0m) and I’ll add your board to the list!

Ten Busy Bag Pinterest Boards to Follow

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