first day

We are starting school today! I wasn’t ready, but the kids are chomping at the bit to start. Big Sis keeps saying how she can’t wait for Monday! I figured I better get while the getting’s good and jump on their enthusiasm!

To celebrate this glorious day, here are a couple of sales you should know about!

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a site wide sale that I’m participating in! Most shop owners are offering 20% off. Check it out (click on the banner below)


Another sale is happening in my ETSY shop!!! I’m offering 20% off there as well if you use the code BACKTOSCHOOL20. Both Shops are Ninja Mom Designs. Teachers Pay Teachers has more school focused clip art and some of the same FREE printables you find here on the blog. The Etsy shop has a wide variety of Digital Prints and Invitations as well as clip art. Check it out (click on the banner below).


Enjoy the savings!!!

First Day and Back to School Sale

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