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Continuing in my Top Ten Pinterest Boards to follow series, I’m highlighting Kindergarten boards this week.

Little Sis is going to be in kindergarten this year. I plan to be a little more intentional with her this year than I was last year. She is ready to learn to read and is so excited about school!

Kindergarten Klub

Kindergarten Kolleagues

Children’s Literature and Activities (Kathy White)

Worksheets and Printables for PreK- 2nd Grade

Homeschool Kindergarten (Jessica Pool)

Homeschooling Kindergarten (Kathy Young)

Level: Kindergarten (Hip Homeschool Moms)

Homeschooling Preschool to Grade 5 (

Easy Reader Printables and Activities (Cassie Osborne)

Sight Word Practice (Lauren Hill)

Don’t forget to follow me!!! Homeschool Kindergarten

Do you have a Kindergarten Board on Pinterest??? Comment below and let us know!!!

Ten Kindergarten Pinterest Boards to Follow

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