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It’s that time of year again! We started school this week and have been having a great time! Last year, I made the decision to leave the comfort of boxed curriculum and further embrace delight directed learning. I ask my children what they want to learn about and fit that into our year along with the basics. The kids love having an impact on what we are learning. I think it helps them feel more invested and therefore more excited about school.

curriculum 1I downloaded a planner from The Old Schoolhouse that I got for FREE using a coupon from Educents! It’s a digital planner, but I need something tangible so I printed the pages that wanted. Do you like the cover I designed? Feel free to download one for yourself —>>cover 2014

Here is an overall plan for the year. All things are subject to change!


Easy Peasy

Big Brother and Big Sister will be doing Reading/ Language Arts, History and Science on Easy Peasy. Easy Peasy is an all in one curriculum that a homeschool mom developed for her children and graciously shares with the community at large. It is very complete and has a Biblical worldview. We chose to only use a few components, but you could totally use it for all subjects.


All Three Big Kids will be using Math U See. Little Sis (5) is using Primer, Big Sis (7) is using Beta and Big Brother (9) is using Delta. We shall see how long this lasts. Big Brother and Big Sister have not memorized their basic facts so we might have to take some time to review.

I did just pick this up through Educents… I’ve heard good things. I hope it will help:

My husband and I really want to focus on Scripture Memory this year. I try every year, but for some reason, it falls by the wayside. I’ve been proactive and written out all the verses for the year, along with character qualities and fruits of the Spirit that I want to focus on. I am hoping to compile a book to be able to share when it’s all said and done.  Basically, we have a character quality that we will focus on for three weeks. Each week, they will all work on a verse that goes with the quality. The older kids will use the idea of copywork to help memorize while Little Sis will just do straight memory for now.

curriculum 2We have our calendar that will be used for our morning meeting time. The big kids will all take turns leading us. They are super excited about this!

Some extras that I am really excited to use this year include:

I picked up this Kid Coder Series from Educents a couple of months ago. Big Brother is SUPER excited!!! I’m a little nervous because I have NO IDEA how to help him if he gets stuck. We will be learning together!

We were very blessed to receive Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1 and 2. We’ve been wanting to get this for a while and are excited to learn as a family!

I was very excited to get these sets of books highlighting what life was like when some of the great heroes of the faith were children. My kids are excited about reading these:

Lightkeepers Boys Box Set: Ten Boys

Lightkeepers Girls Box Set: Ten Girls


curriculum 3

Our first week has started strong. I am praying the momentum keeps us going for a while! I’ve decided this year to do school is six week blocks with week long breaks in between. Each new year is an adventure!

Our Homeschool Curriculum 2014-2015 with FREE Binder Cover

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