I am so sick over the images circulating and the horrors that are happening in the Middle East. I want to stay in my bubble. I want to watch my reality (that isn’t really reality) TV and pretend that my Christian brothers and sisters aren’t being beheaded in the public squares because they refuse to deny Christ (and even some who do deny Christ are being killed… just because). They are being marked and sought out for slaughter. And I’m worried about the Facebook Messenger App being too invasive. I’m wrapped up in my first world bubble and I am comfortable there.

I was comfortable there until I started clicking on the articles that people were posting. I started reading about children, CHILDREN, being beheaded, women be raped, men being killed because they are Christians.

I’ve been reading the Light Keeper Series with the kids, sharing stories about great martyrs and heroes of the faith… Perpetua, Blandina, and more who faced the lions. I’ve been telling my kids that this happened two thousand years ago. But yesterday, I had to tell them that these things are happening now, on the other side of the world. It is real and it is awful. It was a hard conversation to have with a 9, 7, 4 and 2 year old. My precious children whom I want to shelter from the evils of the world. I don’t want them to know the evil that is out there.

But, as a Christian, I know that persecution is part of the deal. It is, in fact, promised in scripture. That is where I struggle the most. I know that persecution is promised, yet I cannot stand the thought. My stomach turns at the reality. I know there is a greater reward. I know there is an eternal perspective. I know that my brothers and sisters who have been killed are now rejoicing with the Lord. I know these things, but I also know what I saw… the pictures, the children, the horror. It is a hard rub.

And then, how do I explain it to my children???

I don’t really know. I was honest with them. I told them what was happening. I tried to assure them (all the while struggling myself) that God is still in control. That he is still powerful and sovereign and over all. We prayed.

My four year old prayed “God help the children who are hiding in the mountains. Help people to stop killing Christians.”

I’m sure that there is more that can be compiled. I am sure that there are better ways to teach our children, but I’ve put together a couple of resources for you.

First, a prayer guide (click on the link below for printable version)

 Prayer Guide Click to download printable version—>>Prayer Guide

Here are some verses to help understand persecution according to Scripture:

VersesClick to download printable version—->>Verses to Understand the Persecuted Church

Want to help in tangible ways as well as prayer??

Check out Leading the Way and Voice of the Martyrs

Click HERE for some more verses about persecution.

Click HERE to donate to help people who are on the ground, in the thick of it, helping refugees.

We are not helpless. We do not have to sit idly by while this is happening. We can pray. We can teach our children to pray. We can help.

Prayer Guides for Kids for the Persecuted Church {Printable}

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