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Little Sis is turning five this week! Since the beginning of the year (maybe even before that), she and a friend have been plotting to have a joint birthday party… Star Wars Themed!

I’ll admit, this whole Star Wars thing is way beyond me! I am NOT a big Star Wars buff (confession… I’ve never seen the movies… gasp). Our kids LOVE Star Wars, but have not actually seen the movies. They have gleaned their knowledge from friends, books, legos, etc. As with all my kids’ interests, I have embraced this one (as much as I can) and tried to join in their world for a time!

Most of the ideas for our party were inspired by Pinterest (oh, Pinterest, what did we ever do before you)!

We had so much fun at the party:

First of all, as you can see from the picture above, we had some intense Jedi Training. The kids each got a pool noodle light saber as they arrived. They were given the opportunity to design the hilt with permanent markers before the training began.


We played an intense game of pin the light saber on Yoda. One of the super dads drew Yoda for the game!



I downloaded these masks from a shop on etsy, but honestly, the quality wasn’t very good. I contacted the shop and got NO response. So, I am not going to send you a link over there. If you search pinterest or etsy for printable Star Wars masks, you will find some really cute stuff! If I had thought of it sooner, I would have designed them myself.

star-wars-2On the the food! We opted to not have a cake, but rather some yummy cupcakes. I ordered 24 Star Wars Cupcake Ring Toppers from Amazon. They were available on Prime so I got 2 day shipping (which is great because this party planning snuck up on me … even though the girls have been planning since January!).

star-wars-5We also enjoyed “Obi Wan Kabobies” (fruit kabobs), “Light Saber Pretzels” (chocolate dipped pretzels… I used the Wilton Candy Melts in Blue and Green), “Wookie Cookies” (star crunched with eyes and a mouth), “Jedi Juice” and “Wookie Water.”

You can download these cute labels for FREE:

star wars labels 1

star wars labels 2

A Star Wars party has SO MANY options. We really couldn’t do everything! And, you know, with a bunch of 2-10 year olds and a nice open space, they were content to just run around with their pool noodle light sabers and create their own fun. Check out my Star Wars party board on Pinterest for more inspiration.

All in all, this party was really not very expensive. Including paying for the venue (which was only $25), the food and the little extras, we probably spent less than $75. For a combined birthday party for two special girls, that’s really not a lot of money.



Star Wars Birthday Party with {FREE} Printables

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