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I’m taking a different approach with Little Sis for Kindergarten than I did with the older two. With the older ones, they had both been five for a few months before we actually started the school year. They were just a little bit older and farther along than she is. She just turned five a couple of weeks ago. With the older two, we used My Father’s World First Grade for their Kindergarten. It’s a great, phonics based, Biblical curriculum. I really enjoyed it.

With Little Sis, I decided to go the FREE route. We have a couple of sets of the Bob Books  Our Library carries several of the sets. I have found some fantastic resources from

3 Dinosaurs


This Reading Mama


Seriously. These bloggers have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into creating these FREE resources. I am so thankful!


Little Sis has really taken off. We are working our way through Bob Books, Set 1  right now. She loves it. She is so proud when she reads a book all by herself. I love how these printables give concrete ways to review what she is reading in the books.

Another great find I came across is the Bob Books Reading Magic #1 App from Amazon!!! We have an Android Tablet and are able to access the Amazon App Store. I don’t usually spend money on apps, but this one was TOTALLY worth it. Little Sis (and Baby Girl) have been learning so much through playing. Little Sis loves to see the characters from her books come to life. PS… there is a FREE version (it is just a sampling of the app, but worth the try before you buy).

Do you use Bob Books? What fun activities have you tried??

Using Bob Books for Kindergarten

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