day-in-the-lifeI was going to do a post titled “A Day in the Life of Our Homeschool.” But, I kept forgetting to write down what we do. I kept forgetting to take pictures and document the day. I realized, our days are different, yet somehow we have a routine. So, rather than just focusing on ONE day, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what life is like in our homeschool. Please know that SO MANY wonderful people homeschool. We are each unique in our approach. Not one of my friend’s homeschools look exactly like mine and that is SUCH an amazing thing.

So, here is a look into life in our homeschool:

day-in-the-life-2I am NOT a morning person. I do not claim to be in any way. My husband. He is a morning person. He is amazing and he USUALLY gets up with the kids and graciously lets me catch a few extra zzzzs. I do like to return the favor every now and then. But when I get up with the kids, I usually let them watch TV while I try to pull myself together for the day (meaning, I sit on the recliner and try to wake up). Baby Girl used to like to cuddle with me, but Big Brother is top dog now!

We have breakfast and the kids play while I get some morning chores and work on the computer done. I have a very part time job. I grab work time here and there throughout the day.

day-in-the-life-3We start school around 10:00 each day (give or take). We generally start with a whole group, morning meeting kind of thing. I read whatever book we are working through to the kids. Right now, it is Pilgrim Stories. The kids take turns during the week leading our calender. We then head to the table or wherever they land for independent work. Big Brother is very self driven and an excellent reader. He is pretty much on his own unless he has a question.Here he was intently doing his reading and one handed push ups… crucial, right? Little Sis and I spend the first part of this time working on her Bob Books and Math. She usually retreats after that to play with Baby Girl. Big Sis is teetering on independence, but still needs me to be close by for help.

day-in-the-life-5Baby Girl is two, very very two and presents a unique challenge. Everyday is something new with her. Every. Day. As you can see in the picture, she is covered in red marker. She is into EVERYTHING. As we are into our seventh week of school, she is gaining some kind of routine. She understands what school means. Sometimes she joins us, sometimes she plays… while the big kids are doing school, she usually watches Leap Frog videos on Netflix (don’t judge).

day-inAfter school, we have lunch. Sometimes we have to take a break from school to eat and then go back to it depending on how much was accomplished. After lunch, the kids play (outside if it’s nice). Baby Girl goes down for a nap around 1:30. I head out the exercise (most days). I have a variety of workouts I rotate through. This particular day, I ran up and down the stairs for 20 minutes and then walked a mile (ten laps) around our driveway and cul de sac. I do not have time to go a gym, so I make exercise work at home. Some times the kids join me, some times they don’t. After this, I head inside to finish work for the day. The big kids have quiet time (reading or drawing) in their rooms and then some technology time on the computer tablet or wii.

day-in-the-life-6Dinner time is not my strong suit. I was really trucking along with meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking. I hit a wall. My health hit a wall. Our life circumstances got crazy. My amazing husband is a great cook and takes the task on most nights. I’m trying to get back in the groove. This particular night, Big Sis helped me make carrot muffins while I prepared dinner. It was a good night.

day-in-the-life-7Then there are days like this one where my son is literally climbing the walls. His energy is endless. He is training to be on American Ninja Warrior when he grows up. He is always climbing. Always. Climbing. I took most of the pictures off the wall in our hall because we are moving soon. He was thrilled and has been doing this for the last week. I try to encourage them to go outside… but you know.. sometimes it rains. PS.. the 7 and 5 year olds were probably climbing the doorways down the hall… because, you know… they are ninjas too.

day-in-the-life-8Did I mention that we are moving. Because we are… my life is chaos right now. We are planning to close on a house next week and probably move in the next couple of weeks after we paint and carpet the new place. Chaos. Boxes are slowly filling up our already small house. I am keeping up with our homeschool because we need some sense of normalcy. We need some kind of routine (though it be loose) to keep us all sane.

I have learned to not hold too tightly to my plans. To go with the flow. To let them do school on the front porch… because they can. To skip school and go play with friends at the park… because we can. To embrace the chaos… because we have to.

There you have it. A look into our homeschool life.

What does life look like in your homeschool?

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A Look Into Our Homeschool Life

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