Hi, my name is Katie and I hate chore charts. There. I said it. I really don’t like them.. mostly because it’s just one more thing that I have to keep up with. I have to stay on top of. It’s just one more thing that falls between the cracks of my inconsistency in parenting and managing our household.

HOWEVER… my children need chores and accountability and motivation! My girls are always asking how they can help. Everyone loves to vacuum and mop. They tend to ask me though, at inconvenient times and then I end up doing it all myself. My children are 9, 8, 5, 3… there is no reason they cannot be helping around the house!

I spent some time looking over Pinterest for chore charts and ideas. I like several of the charts I saw, but they wouldn’t work for our family. I wanted custom made for our needs. We also don’t pay our kids to do chores with money or anything else (this might change one day, but for now… not so much). They are part of this household and need to contribute for the betterment of all.

There are several chores that I wanted to have completed, but not necessarily every day. I finally came up with a system that I think will work for our family. It has three parts. Are you ready?

1. Daily Chores:


Each child is assigned 1-2 daily chores. Things like setting the table, sweeping the floor, getting the mail, emptying the dishwaher. These are the things that need to be done daily. The kids do the chore to the best of their ability. For example… my 9 year old can completely empty and put away dishes from the dishwasher. The five and 3 year old will only do the silverware. They are assigned the chores for 1 week. The chores will rotate each week to a different child.

2. Zones


Each child is assigned a zone of the house to be responsible for. Each night before dinner, they are to tidy their bedrooms. Now, they have to clean their room and their zone. Right now, our zones include the living room, playroom and schoolroom. The child is responsible for making sure the floor is picked up, toys put away and trash thrown away. Zones will also rotate each week.

3. Chore of the Day:

IMG_20150104_142959800I made a list of chores that we need done in our home on more of a weekly basis, not daily. I wrote them on Popsicle sticks, added washi tape to one end and tossed them into a mason jar. Each day, the kids pick one chore of the day to complete. Once completed, they flip it over (washi side down) and put it back into the jar. At the beginning of the next week, I’ll flip the all back over again to start once more.

Our weekly chores include vacuuming bedrooms, vacuuming playroom, vacuuming living room rug, sweeping stairs, organizing our shoe baskets and putting leftover dirty socks in the laundry basket, wiping windows, wiping mirrors, wiping bathroom sinks, emptying pencil sharpener, tidying library book basket, organizing games shelf, sweeping the front and back porch, etc.

IMG_20150105_084454173We’ve only just started this system this week, but I think it’s going to work for us. I actually don’t have much to do with it. The kids have already learned the system and are taking responsibility for choosing their chore, checking off things on their charts, etc.

Oh… their charts! I just took some washi tape (decorative scotch tape you can find at crafts stores, Walmart, Target, etc.) and made grids on the fridge. I wrote their chores with a dry erase marker… which they also use for checking off things when finished.

I’m giving us this month for the kids to learn how to complete chores, where cleaning supplies are kept, etc. As our needs change, our chores will change.

I did not include daily routine stuff like get dressed, brush teeth, etc. The kids already do all that without having to be motivated or reminded.

How do you tackle chores at your house? Do you pay your kids with money or other rewards? Comment below and let me know!

How We Tackle Chores Around Here

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