Happy Groundhog Day! Are you hoping for more winter or are you ready for spring??? We’ve only had one snow so far this season and it only stuck around until lunch. It was actually my favorite kind of snow because it didn’t slow down my day… BUT the kids are REALLY hoping for a good snow… so, I guess the consensus around here is hoping for more winter!

Today, in honor of Groundhog Day, I have a {FREE} memory match game. You can print the cards and laminate them to make a memory game. The pack contains 1 page of card fronts that can be printed multiple times and 3 pages containing 12 matches all together- that makes for 24 cards total. Print them as two sided or just one and have fun!

Click here to download the pack –>>Groundhog Day Memory Game Printable Pack

Clip art is from Ninja Mom Designs and can be found HERE.

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{FREE} Groundhog Day Memory Game Printable

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