I have started teaching a PE class for our Homeschool Association. Twice a year for 9 weeks at a time, we have enrichment classes. Parents teach classes. It’s fantastic. I am not a science person… so I always make sure that my kids are with people who actually like science, at least for that time.

We had our first class last week. I have two different age groups… the youngers are 3-6 and the olders are 7-11. For my older group, we started off by warming up, then split into groups for a preliminary fitness test. Each kid filled out the left half of the sheet and dated it. At the end of the nine weeks, we will do another test and *hopefully* see some improvement.

Either way.. the kids had fun and I was proud of how they encouraged each other.

For your copy of the Fitness Test, click here—>> Fitness Test

Are you snowed in this week??? Maybe you could print this off and use it at home!

{FREE} Kids Fitness Test Printable

One thought on “{FREE} Kids Fitness Test Printable

  • December 30, 2017 at 11:41 am

    Thanks for the printable. I think my kids are going to have fun with this.


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