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I recently received a set of Egglo Entertainment‘s Glow in the Dark Eggs to review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. I was especially excited to review this product because, for some reason, Easter always slips up on me and I am not always intentional with my kids. During the entire month of December, we focus on the coming of Christ, but somehow… his death and resurrection escape us. I want to be more intentional with sharing the Good News of the Gospel during the Easter Season.

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I received a package from Egglo Entertainment containing:

–12 Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs

– the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book

– Bible Scrolls and Bible Verse Stickers (that can go in the eggs)

–  60 page Egglo Program Curriculum (download)

The more I looked into this program, the more I’ve been pleased with it. The Egglo Entertainment Company has done a wonderful and thorough job of putting together a great activity for families, churches, neighborhoods and more.

I love that the whole concept centers around Christ. The Easter Egg hunt, the Egg-cellent Adventure Book, the Scrolls and Stickers all point to the true reason we celebrate Easter. At first, honestly, I thought this was going to be really hokey. It is not. It is a fun and engaging way to teach children of all ages about Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

The eggs themselves are sturdy, virtually indestructible. Some of them have a cross design and others do not. They come in green, yellow, blue and pink. To “charge” the eggs to get them to glow, you simply take them out of their box and put them in a light source. Sunlight is ideal and takes the least amount of time (about 20 minutes) to charge. You can also place them in front of your lamp or even a black light (if you happen to have one).

You can put anything you want in the eggs… candy, trinkets, etc.  The company offers Scripture Scrolls that are super cute and roll up for effect. Baby Girl is a big fan of these. You can also get Scripture Stickers and Adventure Character Stickers.

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The Egg-cellent Adventure is well done. It reminds me a little of Magic Treehouse or Imagination Station. The characters are whisked away on a time traveling Egg Hunt where Bible verse clues lead them to discover the history of Easter. The book is beautifully illustrated with inviting and exciting images. The story is long and maybe a little much for the younger crowd. My older kids (8 and 10) have the attention spans to hang in there! The book could be broken up and used as a daily story leading up to Easter.

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I love that the folks at Egglo encourage creativity with how to use the eggs. The Egg-cellent Adventure Program Guide (a 60 page downloadable curriculum) provides a wealth of information and materials concerning how to carry out a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt with your family and friends. The curriculum comes with devotional materials, party planning lists and snack ideas and several printables including invitations, coloring sheets and more.

When we received the package, all four of my kids were super excited to dig in. Baby girl loves the scrolls. She opened every one and asked me to read her the verse. We charged our eggs in direct sunlight and I let the older kids hide then around the house. After hunting for eggs, we read the Egg-cellent Adventure book and talked about the story and the true meaning of Easter. I plan to fill each egg with a scroll and sticker and place them on our mantle to use as a countdown for Easter. We will open an egg each night leading up to Easter and talk about Christ’s life and journey to the cross. I will print out some of the activity sheets from the curriculum to include in the kids’ school for the week before Easter.

I think my favorite part of the Egglo Entertainment system is that is was created by a 23 year veteran detective who used her expertise and desire to share the Gospel with children to put together a great product that can be used year after year.

I would highly recommend investing in the Egglo Entertainment Glow in the Dark Eggs and other products. You can buy the products individually or in a kit. But Wait! There’s More! As of the writing of this post, Egglo Entertainment is having a SALE!!!

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Egglo Entertainment Glow in the Dark Eggs- A Review

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