Last week I featured some STEM Challenge cards that were a big hit. My son (the budding graphic designer) started working on some Minecraft Challenge Cards. He and his sisters enjoy playing Minecraft – Pocket Edition (we got ours through the Amazon App Store) together. I think it is so cool that they can play connected and see what each other is doing from different devices. They decided to have a challenge world that they would use for the challenges that Big Brother put together.

Honestly (and please don’t judge), I really don’t know much about Minecraft. I try to stay on top of what my children are playing and looking at. I asked a lot of questions before I let them get the game… but it just goes over my head. The kids love it though and even the five year old has become quite skilled at building.

Big Brother and I have put together a Printable Minecraft Challenge Pack for you. It includes 4 sheets of challenge cards (one of them is blank for you to write your own challenges).

To download the printable pack, click here —>>Minecraft Challenge Cards Printable Pack

Do you use Minecraft in your home? Is it just for fun or do you make it educational. I’m starting to look into the full edition for our computer so I can take advantage of some of the homeschool courses I’ve seen offered concerning coding. I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

**Clipart from Cale ClipArts on Etsy**

{FREE} Printable Minecraft Challenge Cards

One thought on “{FREE} Printable Minecraft Challenge Cards

  • March 27, 2015 at 12:32 am

    My daughter does minecraft homeschool and eats it up! ! Highly recommend it!


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