I have been given the opportunity to review HomeSchool Office from Lord Heritage. I have aspirations of being an organized person. I dream of the day I have it all together. I am always looking for the next thing to help me conquer the world. I have many balls up in the air that I juggle daily and love planners that help me keep things moving. I received a full year access to HomeSchool Office.

HomeSchool Office

Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office is a web-based program, accessible from your desktop, android, and apple devices. It is designed to help you organize the daily grind of homelife and homeschool. The program allows you to schedule your school day and stay on top of lessons and activities. It tracks progress for the current year and from year to year.

Everything is one place. This is a fantastic program for generating reports, verifying activities and building a high school transcript (which is not quite on my radar yet).

The entire organization system of HomeSchool Office is Biblically Based and organized using the acronym POWER:

P- Plan (Jeremiah 29:11)- This is the section where you plan goals and objectives, build master plans, set up lessons, create projects, and lay out your budget.

O-Order (1 Corinthians 14:40)- This section encourages order and neatness in homeschool. It is created to avoid chaos. In this section you can schedule lessons, integrate home and school activities, set up reminders and create lists (who doesn’t like creating lists???).

W- Work (John 17:4)- This section promotes a healthy work ethic. This section provides student access, allows for printing of individual schedules and management of to do lists.

E- Evaluate (Matthew 28:20) This section is for evaluating progress. This sections gives the ability to manage state requirements for homeschool (which vary from state to state), oversee daily attendance, track hours, and maintain grading per subject.

R- Report (Romans 14:12)- This section promotes accountability. This is another area to make sure you are on track with state requirements as well as customize reports and generate transcripts.



How We Used HomeSchool Office

Because my children are young and our schedule is fairly loose, I mostly used HomeSchool Office for an overview of our week. I used it as a daily checklist to make sure I stayed on track with what we needed to get done for the week. One of my favorite features is being able to color code each individual in the family. For example, I can plan each child’s math in one section.. using a different color for each child. That makes the planner in me super happy!


My Opinion

To be completely honest.. I did not utilize this program to it’s fullest potential. I was very overwhelmed when I logged in. It really did not make sense to me at first and second glance. Thankfully, there are instructions on set up and a support network where you can submit your specific question to receive help. We homeschool in North Carolina. The requirements to homeschool here are not strenuous. We are asked to name our school, keep attendance and do yearly testing. Attendance and testing do not have to be turned in. Other states are more strenuous and require more record keeping. Perhaps HomeSchool Office from Lord Heritage might be a better fit for someone in one of those states. I may feel differently when the time comes to pull together highschool transcripts for this motley crew.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am just a paper and pen kind of girl. I like the feel of physically writing things down. As techy as I am, I am just not ready for a full on digital planner.

Good to Know

Not sure if Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office is right for you? You can get a free 30-day trial to try it out. If you love it, the annual subscription price is $79, payable via credit card.



Lord Heritage- HomeSchool Office- A Review

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