A Formula… A plus B equals C

If you input the correct variables, you get the desired result. That’s true… in math… but not in parenting. We can follow a formula all day long and not get the desired result. Failing to get the desired result can lead to feelings of inadequacy and guilt.

We can get our children to obey… with enough coercing, discipline, or bribery… we can get our children to obey… outwardly. We can illicit the behavior we desire, but that does not speak to the condition of the heart. When we focus only on the behavior and not the heart, we create little pharisees. The outward behavior might be stellar, but the roots are possibly still decaying.

So… what do we do? How do we parent to the heart?

Let’s take a look at God’s formula. God weaved each of us uniquely and we are wonderfully made in his image. We have sin tattered hearts that only Jesus can mend. When we lean into Him and trust Him, he can mend those hearts. Give him the bad and he will give you the beautiful.

One of my biggest struggles is how to balance grace and truth with my kids. How do I extend grace and yet call them to account and challenge them to live according to the truths of scripture. Here are a few ideas:

– words of affirmation

– love your kids

– hug them

– kiss them

– cuddle them

– give yourself to them without rush

– look them in the eye

– be a student of your child

– consider several different techniques for your child

The Lord doesn’t call us to follow an A plus B formula. He calls us to follow him. How can we do this if we are not in His Word? As a mom of four young kids, I feel like I am being pulled in a hundred directions at once. Admittedly, spending deep time in the Word is not my strong suit. I have had to be creative in how to keep the Word at the forefront of my mind. One way is to have Scripture strategically placed around my home… in my kitchen, on the bathroom mirror, as a bookmark, on my bedside table, etc.

Feel free to print out these Scripture cards and place them around your home. Click the link BELOW the image for the printable version.


Click for Printable Version–>> Verses Printable

How do you balance Truth and Grace with your children? How do you stay in the word through the chaos of life with kids?

Titus 2 Tuesday- Formulas Vs. Scripture – {FREE} Printable

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