To say my children love the Little House on the Prairie books is an understatement! I introduced the books to the kids a couple of years ago. All of them love the books. We have just started watching the tv series as a family. It actually stresses the kids out a little because it is not like the books. They keep saying, “that person isn’t in the books.” Or, “when will it show the Big Woods?”

They check out the audio books from the library every time we go and listen to them every night as they are falling asleep. They have bonnets and prairie dresses and aprons. They have stick horses. Again, to say they love the prairie is an understatement.

We revamped the end of our school year to include the prairie. Even though they have the books essentially memorized, we started with Little House in the Big Woods and have done a lapbook to accompany it. We’ve also been studying bears.

I’ve been meaning to put together this writing prompt pack for quite some time. It includes subjects from several different books in the series as well as three blank pages for the topic of your choice. The pack includes 12 different lined papers, all themed with Little House on the Prairie elements.

Click here to download the printable pack —>>Little House on the Prairie Writing Prompt Pack

Are you Prairie fans in your home? What are some of your family’s favorite book series?

{FREE} Little House on the Prairie Writing Prompts

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