We have been doing the bulk of our school day in the afternoon while Baby Girl is taking her afternoon nap. She has figured out what we are doing and is very put out that she is not part of school. She asks me everyday if she can do her school when she wakes up.

Quite honestly… I am not ready for my three year old do be doing school. I, personally, believe her play and interactions with her family and the world around her are plenty of school for now. HOWEVER, I am not opposed to including her and letting her feel like a big kid. I was excited when the opportunity to review the Preschool Curriculum from La La Logic came about.

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La La Logic an extremely well thought out program designed for ages 3-6 (and possibly older). It is made up of 100 weeks of content with 4-5 days of lessons each week. A lesson plan is included. Each week contains brain challenges which are done on the computer, printable worksheets, and extension activities.

LaLaLogic6_zpss6radcliThe program is designed to accommodate the attention span of a small child. The lessons are engaging and require just a small amount of time per day. La La Logic does not just focus on the “normal” preschool concepts like letter and shape recognition. The whole program utilizes logic and rational thinking… teach children to acquire and utilize knowledge.


Activities get progressively harder as the child moves through the program. New skills build on ones that have been established. The gradual increase in difficulty keeps children on their toes. Every week includes worksheets that involve skills like problem solving, cutting and gluing, and critical thinking skills. Hands on activities like scavenger hunts are also included.

How We Used La La Logic

We received a lifetime membership for the whole family (up to 5 kids) to La La Logic. The program is online and can be used on a computer or device (android or apple).  To be honest, when I first logged on, I was not impressed at first glance. I had hoped to use the program with my three year old and five year old. The initial activities were so simple and were the same for both girls… I was certain my 5 year old would not like it.

I am glad to say that, upon further exploration of the program… I was WRONG!!! That’s what I get for being impulsive! Both of my girls have really enjoyed the program, the challenges, and the activities.

la la logic 2


Baby Girl does not know how to manipulate a computer yet. She would sit on my lap and point to the answer. Using La La Logic with a tablet or my phone is a better option for her because of the touchscreen. I love that I can log in from a device… it will totally make waiting in a doctor’s office or restaurant more appealing! Baby Girl did need a little coaching, but still was able to grasp concepts.

la la logic 3Little Sis is more adept at using the computer. She was able, once I logged in and got her where she needed to go, to work independently. The activities are engaging and kept her attention. She was excited and had to point as she made connections and found the answers.

I will be honest and say we do not use this program daily. This is a supplement (a few times per week) to things we already are doing. For example, today, Little Sis finished her schoolwork before her siblings. I wasn’t ready to release her from the room… so she sat and worked with La La Logic for a time. We will likely utilize it more over the summer.

What We Thought

I love the added worksheets and activities. I am a big fan of how comprehensive the curriculum is and how it will be useful for more than one child and for more than one year. Being able to incorporate fine motor skills, critical and logical thinking, learning technology and more is a big bonus.

For a one time fee of $29 for your entire family, this really is an amazing deal. You can try it for free first to get an idea of the program. I think this would be a great fit for families who have younger children who are wanting to do school alongside the big kids. I also remember doing similar activities (not to this extent) when Big Brother was the only one who was interested in school. The early years of a child’s life are an amazing window for soaking in the world. La La Logic allows the opportunity to engage young children and make the most of learning time.

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