Where does my help come from?

We were watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie the other day. Ma had just lost her newborn baby and Laura thought it was her fault for having bad thoughts about her baby brother. The preacher suggested that Laura needed to get closer to God in order for Him to hear her (I am not endorsing this theology… it’s definitely off)… so Laura runs away and climbs the highest mountain she can find in order to be closer to God.

Now… the theology is off… but there is something about being out that draws my soul closer to God. There is something about being high up on a mountain… over a mile above sea level. Something about laying there, under the bigness of endless sky that just draws my soul out of despair.


We have been going through a trying time in our life. It is nothing we haven’t been through before, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve been tired.. run down… feeling buried under the weight of the world. On Mother’s Day, we had an amazing brunch and then hit the BlueRidge Parkway in search of a summit we have yet to explore.


As we drove higher, it was as if I was becoming lighter… if even for a moment, I was free of that weight. We didn’t find the summit we looked for. We intended to only hike for a few minutes and then just enjoy the view. BUT we got turned around and ended up hiking for much longer. We climbed to the top of an unexpected mountain and it was breathtaking.

No… I don’t believe that I physically have to be closer to God in order for Him to hear me. But maybe it helps me to hear Him. Maybe it helps me to realize that I am not as big as I think I am… and He is much bigger than I dare to realize He is.

I Lift My Eyes Up to the Hills

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