I am a big fan of the Apologia Company. We have used some of their products in the past and really enjoyed them. We recently had the opportunity to review the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal from Apologia Educational Ministries.


Apologia is a family owned corporation that produces homeschool materials with the purpose of equipping students to live and defend their faith. The products are rooted in a Biblical worldview. The offer creation- based curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade as well as other inspirational books to support homeschool families.

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal

We received a spiral bound notebook filled with colorful and engaging pictures and pages for recording a variety of field trips and experiences. This is a brand new product from Apologia that helps take learning out of the textbooks and into the real world of learning.

The journal includes:

-over 100 field trip ideas, covering a variety of topics from plants to history and government to culture

– student and teacher checklists

– maps to illustrate the places you’ve visited

– pages to document memories

– how to plan and prepare for a field trip

With this journal, you can document up to ten field trips, record seasonal changes, and capture experiences through the eyes of your kids.

The journal can be used by the whole family to create a scrapbook of sorts. They really aren’t expensive ($22.00) so you could get each child in your family a journal to work through for the school year.

How We used Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal

As soon as we received the book in the mail, the kids took turns flipping through the pages. As with all my Apologia experiences, the pages are colorful and inviting. One thing I like is that they are not too cluttered with extra images. I think the designers of the book did a great job with balancing inviting images and space for kids to be creative.

My kids love to take drawing stuff with them wherever they go. This journal is great. We grab it and a pencil box when heading out on an adventure. The journal has pages labeled, “Specific Trip” where the kids were able to record the date, time, location, things we did in preparation for the trip, things we did on the field trip as well as memories they don’t want to forget.

Big Brother especially liked the map of the United States where he could document what states he’s visited. I totally forgot that he’s been through Tennessee and Kentucky.

One thing I really like about Apologia is all the bonus goodies you get when you choose one of their books or journals. Page 6 of the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal has a place to go and a code to receive additional materials like virtual field trip ideas and state maps.

What We Thought

I love that this book is not just for people who can afford amazing, big, expensive trips. You can totally turn a backyard exploration into a recordable field trip. There are even suggestions in the journal for virtual fieldtrips.

This journal is great for someone who wants to step out of the classroom for a bit. Sometimes we get bogged down in our schedules and curriculum and forget the giant classroom that is living life. This journal has the potential of being a family scrapbook that can be kept and looked through for years to come.

I would totally recommend the journal to anyone who is looking for a fun way to engage their kids in field trip experiences. Sometime we take our kids on field trips and never really dive into what we’ve seen and experienced. This journal provides an opportunity for reflection and observation. This journal gives kids ownership in what they’ve seen. It encourages kids to record what they’ve experiences with all their senses.

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Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal- A Review

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