We LOVE games. This past winter when it was so snowy outside, we were by the fire playing games all day long. My kids are at the age where we can actually play and enjoy games together. My older two are especially competitive which makes for even more fun. I was very excited to add a new game to our collection from SimplyFun. As soon as it came in the mail, Big Brother and I opened Shape Whiz and started playing.


SimplyFun is a company that recognizes the importance of play for children. One obstacle I have had to overcome in my homeschool journey is the temptation to recreate a classroom at home. Home Education can look like anything. People ask me all the time when we do school and how we do school and how much of our day is school. I really don’t know how to answer that because school is always. Every moment of our day from the moment the kids wake up and start interacting with each other to when they lay in bed at night with their books is school. Kids are sponges and always learning.

SimplyFun is educational, out of the box learning for kids. The games provide academic, social, and emotional opportunities for learning.

Shape Whiz

The game is designed for 2-4 players, ages 10 and up and uses Shape Cards and Whiz Cards with a question to solve. The directions are clearly laid out and only took a once over for us to figure out. The game can be played with two difficulty levels which are indicated by color. Through the game, kids learn geometrical and other mathematical language. It really is like a foreign language that needs to be taught. The game is kind of like a matching game. The Whiz card presents a problem to be solved. Players find a shape card from their pile that matches the criteria. Whoever plays their shape card first wins the round. The game is self- correcting in that players can look on the back of their shape card to check that the have made a correct match.

How We Used Shape Whiz and What We Thought

Big Brother, who is 10, and I unpacked the game when it came. We took a few minutes to look over the rules and get familiar with the cards. We played a couple of rounds. The game is all about speed so it doesn’t take long to go through a round. We played on the easier level to get used to the game.

Full confession time. I, the adult, struggled a little with the greater than and less than symbols. The cards don’t use the words “greater than” and “less than” and sometimes multiple symbols are used on a whiz card. I had to slow down and process what the card was asking. If I struggled as an adult, it makes me wonder how kids handle it. Again, math symbols are like learning another language… a language in which I am not fluent!

I do like the game and think it is challenging and a great way to make math fun! Big Brother is NOT the math lover of the family, but he did enjoy the game. Games make all things learning that much better.

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SimplyFun Shape Whiz- A Review

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