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I started this blog almost 6 years ago. I started it when my husband was just beginning his seminary journey. I needed an outlet. I wanted a place to blog about our homeschool adventures and offer freebies to fellow homeschoolers and moms. It’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed being able to process life in the blogosphere.

About a year ago, I decided that this blog really needed to become more than a hobby. With the amount of time I was spending on it each week, I really needed it to work for our family. I still wanted to offer great freebies. I took steps to place ads and other ways to have this blog work for me. I read tons and tons of articles about making money with blogs. That’s not all this blog was to be about, but in order for me to keep going with it, I needed something.

ANYWAY… I say all that to say that as much as I had hoped to break into the blogging world at large, my blog has just not grown as I’d hoped. I cannot afford to keep pouring into it. I have other commitments that are pulling on me.

I am going to leave the blog up, with all the freebies still available. Take some time, poke around the blog, see what’s available:

Lego Themed Printables

Math Printables

Music Printables

Other Printables

Printable Packs

Reading Printables

Writing Printables

Holiday Themed Printables

I’ll still be busy with Ninja Mom Designs on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers.

Thanks so much to those of you who have faithfully visited this blog. I really have loved sharing resources and doing life through this outlet. I may come back. I don’t know. But for now… it’s just time for a break.

It’s Time for a Break

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