If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know that our family has struggled with sickness for the last few winters. You name it, we’ve had it… croup, multiple stomach bugs, allergies, pneumonia, warts and more!!!

I found myself feeling so hopeless and defeated as this past winter came to a close. A few different friends began talking to me about using essential oils. One friend offered to let me use her diffuser. I had no clue what it meant to use essential oils. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with them! I started asking lots of questions!


I found out there are oils that help with ear infections, stomach bugs, bug bites, constipation, respiratory problems, allergies… and so, so much more!


Big Sis had an ear infection a couple of months ago and I decided to use her as my guinea pig. I had a friend make a blend for me of melaleuca and lavender. I rubbed it on the back of Big Sis’ ears (following the path of the eustachian tube) two or three times a day. Her fever quickly subsided and the pain was gone within a day or two. Our doctor explained that the oils numb the area and allows fluid to drain.

My next test was when Big Brother was having trouble going to the bathroom. My same friend suggested that I rub lemon (diluted with a carrier oil) in small circles starting on the bottom left side of his abdomen going up, across and back down. I did this and within 30 minutes, he went to the bathroom.

This was enough to let me know I was ready to get started with oils. I want to get ahead of the sickness this year. I want to be prepared and know how to treat my kids. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I really like our doctors… I just don’t want to see them in the office once, twice, three times a week!


I recently won a wholesale membership to doTerra, a brand that I’ve really come to appreciate and trust, and was able to get the Family Physician Kit. It comes with 10 essential oils that can be used to replace most of the meds you keep in your cabinet. ” Includes 5 ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue®, Breathe, DigestZen®, and On Guard to help families address a multitude of health issues.”

I’m seriously excited to use this oil kit. I am not wanting my family to get sick so I can treat them. I am wanting to use these oils to prevent us from getting to that point!

Here are a few tips when getting started with oil. FYI… I borrowed this from a dear friend who, like me, is a little bit obsessed with oils.

Ways to use oils:
Smell them (either sniff right out of the bottle or put a drop in your hand and inhale)
Apply Topically (rub on area that needs it and when in doubt rub on the bottoms your feet. The
pores on the bottom of your feet are the largest and it gets to the part it needs to faster). You
can apply oils directly or diluted with water or in a spray with water.
Take Internally. doTerra oils are 100% pure so do not ingest other brands of oils (Young living
oils are also fine to ingest). You can either take with a shot of water or inside of a capsule
(doterra sells veggie capsules for $4).
Diffuse. doTerra sells several diffusers The aroma lite is the best option. It isn’t as pretty as the
lotus but works better and is easier to clean. Also you can google jasmine diffuser and that one
works well too and is super cute! I always add at least 4-5  drops of oils when I diffuse.  Instructions usually say 12
drops but I find that is never enough.

How to dilute:
Here’s the quick and easy about diluting. Oil helps lessen the intensity of oils. This is
recommended for use on children. To dilute you can use ANY oil. Olive, jojoba, arnica, coconut
(fractionated (which means liquid) or solid form (just warm up in your hand to liquify). You do not
have to by speciality oil to use. I have bought the doTerra fractionated coconut oil and I think the
only difference is that it is cleaner and easier to use. I would say that 90% of the time I use solid
form coconut oil.
If you want to make an oil less intense…dilute.
If you want to make an oil more intense…add to water.

If you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils, check out THIS INTRODUCTION TO OILS from doTerra.

If you’d like to take the step to purchasing oils or even joining the doTerra team, feel free to hop on over to MY SHOP and check things out!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me weelittlemonkeys [at] gmail [dot] com

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